This is a society run by aromatherapists for aromatherapists.

We keep you up to date with current information.

We give you a voice and a vote within your profession.


The Aromatherapists Society has been formed by a group of eminent and long-standing people in the aromatherapy world for all people trained or training in aromatherapy, for their benefit and participation.


The Society is un-complicated and all embracing with minimal rules, a simple constitution, and a code of conduct, ethics and practice. It is not run by ‘committee’ but by the members for the members.

The Society has an office from which the daily affairs can be run, a register of members, and an international web site. The Society has an International Co-ordinator who disseminates information and a web site.


Members have to provide an annual subscription and a qualification in aromatherapy. This entitles them to a numbered certificate and an individual vote should the need arise. Membership is structured to provide a non-elitist two-tiered system of qualified and clinical levels. This structure ensures that all aromatherapists can become members of the society in accordance with UK Government guidelines.


A qualified member must hold a certificate or diploma in aromatherapy.

A clinical member must have studied to the minimum level specified in the UK National Occupational Standards for Aromatherapy.